Sehnsucht - Englisch

Autor: Anonym (2)
veröffentlicht am: 14.11.2006

If i can hold you in my arms i feel like heaven, but heaven is so far away from me...
Are that all lies or do you tell the truth?
Give me an answer when I ask
Give me this feeling when I need

Empty is my heart and broken,
Since I felt you lips, I want you more and more
I can`t believe what you have done
A call, a message, nothing I get

Since this evening is everything different
But you have started this, and you gave me a feeling that I never want to miss
And in my dreams it`s you I see
Nobody else, only you
I had a nightmare that you love someone, but this someone isn`t me
You`re the one in my life who made a big mess
Nobody before let me feeling what I feel when I`m with you
I tell you the truth, but what tell you?
In this disappointment and desperation
I want to forget you
I want to never met you
I want that I don`t remember what you`ve done
But in the end I can see

Habe ich geschrieben als meine Gedanken nur bei einer Person wahren...

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